Our History

It all started in 1926 in the village of Bidya in Palestine, around 27 km east of the Mediterranean Sea when our great grandfather started a small oil mill using an olive millstone. Since then The Odeh family has been a leader in the business of producing Olive Oil in the Middle East.

In 1946, the family’s oil mill won the first place in a region wide competition by the British Government and earned the reward for the best Olive Oil in Palestine. We are proud of the fact that local farmers have entrusted us with their harvest ever since the early days of our grandfather’s small oil mill and continue to do so. Generation after generation, the Odeh Family has been recognized over and over as one of the most trusted names in olive oil production in the Bidya Area and in historic Palestine.

The family business is currently led by Dr. Osama Odeh and his partners, an olive oil sommelier himself, who has been involved in olive oil production for over 30 years. The management understood from an early stage that in order to keep the business running, expansion into new markets is absolutely necessary while always maintaining the high quality of our Palestinian olive oil as the number one priority. To that end we bring to the world today one of the most exquisite olive oils produced from countries of the Mediterranean and from the oldest Roman olive trees of Palestine, some of which is still produced in the traditional millstone technique. Our products today can be found in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Qatar, and the USA with plans on exporting to China and other new markets in the near future.